“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”

– George Bernard Shaw

Welcome to Sweet Simple Sentiments! My name is Sylvia and I love food. Literally. I. AM. OBSESSED. Can you blame me though? 

Reflecting on my past twenty years on this earth, I have always been an avid food lover. What differentiates this passion is not within what I eat, but rather why it matters.

Growing up in an Italian household, I quickly learned what a vital role food played in defining my relationships. Living in the melting pot that is Toronto and having opportunities to travel (and study) abroad, I have learned that plate to plate, ingredients differ but the one thing that remains constant is food’s ability to connect us.

No matter who you are or what you believe, one thing unites us all: FOOD


Art, history, cinema, culture, understanding, relationships … EVERYTHING revolves around food. We shuffle through life neglecting how the simplest of pleasures can be the most intrinsically meaningful.

Cuisine acts as a source of nostalgia, comfort, bonding, happiness, acceptance, adventure… the list goes on forever!

Something to chew on…

The goal of Sweet Simple Sentiments is to think about how food defines our relationships and how it can affect us. It’s true that we eat to survive, but we also eat to feel.

How does it connect us? Are cuisine and culture one in the same? Why is food nostalgic to us? What are the challenges we face as food lovers?

In offering personal stories and recipes (yay!), I hope to explain the monumental role that food plays in our relationships. Sweet in flavour, simple in delivery and sentimental in content, this blog is a platform for me to express how I see the world through a food-focused lens…


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